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GISLE KROGSETH    CV                   email: gisl-k@online.no

Norwegian guitarist/composer Gisle Krogseth has been highly active in both principal aspects of his career.  As a performer, he has made several successful concert tours throughout Europe and in the United States, presenting programs featuring many of his own colorful compositions for guitar.  Unusually versatile as a composer, he has written important works in the fields of symphonic music, chamber music, choral music, musical theatre and cabaret.  In 1991 he represented Norway at the World Festival for Theatre, and in 1998 he composed Bært! Brecht! for the 100th anniversary of the birth of the German writer Bertolt Brecht. 

Also in 1998 he was commissioned to write the opera Sigrid & Eindride for choir, seven soloists and orchestra, first performed in the year 2000. This work was re-staged in spring 2011 in a full orchestrated version. The Opera “The Floodtide of Fate” was premiered in 2004.  In May 2007 his Sinfonia per Banda was given a first performance in Los Angeles, California, and in 2008 his Chamber Symphony was performed in Belgrade.   His solo CD Il Canto del Mare was released in Italy and Japan in December 2014, and his Viking Concerto appeared on the label “Brilliant Classics” in April, 2015. His chamber music is heard at festivals in USA and in Europe. Currently he is recording in Los Angeles for a major symphonic project in Italy and Russia.


He has made many CDs, done Radio and TV-performances, published music and played numerous concerts in Norway, USA, Italy, Scandinavia, Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria and England.  He works as a composer/performer and teaches regularly Composition and Guitar. For scores, MP3s and lectures see also: www.gislek.com / www.soundcloud.com /www.spotify.com  https://musikkforlagene.no/produktkategori/komponister/k/krogseth-gisle/


Krogseth graduated in 1982 from the North-Norwegian Academy of Music in Tromsø, and took his M.Phil. (Cand. Philol) in musical science at the University of Oslo in 1986.

He has studied classical guitar with Karsten Andersen and Geir Otto Nilsson in Norway and with Luis Zea and John Duarte in England. To this list should be added harmony and counterpoint with Ole Kristian Brose and Nils Grinde, and composition with Olav Anton Thommessen, Kjell Habbestad, Asbjørn Schaathun and Ragnar Søderlind, as well as musical drama and instrumentation with Antonio Bibalo.


Norwegian, English, Russian, German, Italian and some French.


Skiing, Boats, Mountains, Wine and Jogging.












Work(Opuses) for Gisle Krogseth:

1.     a. ”Eigne Songar”- 14 eigne songar. B.” Sailors song” Etyde for sologuitar (1981).

2.     a, ”Pleiader”, seven pieces for guitar solo (Musikk-Huset Forlag) [1984] b ”Cygnus X-3” for sologuitar (Mic) [1985]

3.     ”Fire Skisser fra Sentraleuropa” for violin and guitar (Mic) [1982] , b. Partita for Guitar Solo, Pizzicato Edizione Musicali(2006)

4.     ”String quartet  no. 1” (Mic) [1986]

5.     ”Barbro – Vegen mot Bålet”, music for theatre [1988]

6.     ”Jostedalsrypa” music for theatre [1989]

7.     ”Hotel Olympus”, musical [1990]

8.     ”1989 Tarot” for soprano and large ensemble [1991]

9.     ”Eventyret om Virkeligheten”. Multimedia for band (MTG, CD) [1992] (expt. Four Ballads a, b, c & d),

10.   ”Bare Bad” Cabaret, commissioned for Sandefjord´s 150th anniversary [1994]

11.   ”Galder” (Mic)[1995] for choir, small orchestra & soloists (s,a,t)

12.   ”Bært! Brecht” to B. Brechts 100.-anniversary [1997] for choir, small orchestra & soloists (s,a.)

13.   ”Sigrid og Eindride”, Norse opera in four movements for choir, orchestra &  seven soloists (Mic) 2000,

14.   ”Romance for violin & piano”, (Mic) [2001] (transcribed for clarinet and guitar 2003)

15.   ”Enigma” symphonic poem (Musikk-Huset Forlag A/S)  [2001] revised -04

16.   “Menneske & Maktene”( Floodtide of Fate ), opera on a novel by Olav Duun, for choir, orch. & 10 soloists [2003]

17.   Sonatina in three movements for sologuitar, Pizzicato Edizione Musicali (2006)

18.   Elegy for Clarinet & Strings ( Cb ad. Lib.) Pizzicato Edizione Musicali (2006)

19.   Sinfonia di Camera per Arci (Musikkhuset – Forlag) 2006

20.   Sonatine for Klavér opus 20 (2005)

21.   “Helen Merle” Camber opera (unfinished)

22.   Julehymner for Sopano and Guitar  Musikkhuset Forlag A/S (2008)

23.   “Songs by the Sea” for Sopano and Guitar  Pizzicato Edizione Musicali (2006)

24.   “Blanche de Namür” Suite for Flue/Violin and Guitar (2006)

25.   “Il Fuoco dell’oblio” Sinfonia per Banda, for Symphonic Windensemble (2007)

26.   ”Three Fancies for two Guitars” for Guitarduo (2007) (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali)

27.   “Le Souvenire d’une Chanson Perdue”, for Violin(Clarinet/Flute), Piano and Cello (2008)

28.   “Two Impromti” for Guitar Solo 2008

29.   “Sondre Skiløypar”, a sycle of 13 songs/1 resitation 2008

30.   “The Viking Concerto” Concerto in three movements for Guitar and Strings (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali)

31.   “Stev” & “Rav” for Guitar solo [to Sven Lundestad] (Musikk – Huset Forlag A/S) 2012

32.   “Trittico” for three Guitars (To ”The Vivaldi Guitartrio,” Torino Italy) (Berben Edizione Musicali) 2012

33.   “Uria” Cantata for Choirensemble (s,t,b), two voices(s,b), & Organ (unfinished)

34.   “Oratorio”, for Wind Ensemble, Mixed Choir and 5 Solists  2011

35.   “Runes” for Guitar Solo (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali) 2012

36.   “Nordic Impressions” for guitar Solo (unfinished)

37.   “Romancelle” for Violin & Guitar (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali)

38.   “Tonar frå Fjell” for Orgel Solo (Musikk – Huset – Forlag A/S)

39.   ” Sonata Dell’Adriatico” five movements for Guitar solo (Musikk – Huset – Forlag A/S)

40.   ”Wildflowers” easy pieces for piano (unfinished)

41.   SeaScapes” for Guitar Solo (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali)

42.   “Estampi” for Guitar Solo

43.   “Barbro – eit Songspel”

44.   “Flowers of the Island” for Guitar Solo 2014 (M.A.P. Milano)

45.   “Rød Lyd” for treblåsere.

46.   ” Inn i det Blå Lyset” Arctic fantasy for orchestra

47.   ” Broken Music – played perfectly” Intermezzo for Clarinet, Viola & Cello

48.   “Ekstranummer” for Guitar Solo (Musikk – Huset – Forlag A/S)

49.   ” House of Dolls” for piccolo flute and piano (Musikk – Huset – Forlag A/S)

50.   “Songs of Hope” two songs for Soprano and Ochestra  (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali)

51.   “Tre Sorelle” for Guitar Solo

52.   “Mountain Songs” four songs for Soprano & Orchestra (Musikk – Huset – Forlag A/S)




Publications / CD:

2018            “Fjellsongar” (Mountain Songs) for Soprano & Symphony Orchestra (Musikk-Huset)

2017            “House of Dolls” for Piccolo & Piano (Musikk-Huset Forlag)

2016            “Songs of Hope” for Soprano & Orchestra (Pizzicato)

2016            “David & Bathsheba” Cantata for choir, two soloists and small ensemble(Pizzicato)

2016            “Ekstranummer” (Musikk-Huset Forlag Oslo Norge) Spotify

2015            “Flowers of the Island”  (M.A.P. Milano)

2015            Sonatina opus 20 for Klaver solo Publisert i Italia (M.A.P. Milano)

2015            “The Viking Concerto” CD for Brilliant Classics Amsterdam Netherlands

2015            “Il Canto del Mare” CD for M.A.P. Editions S.r.l. Milano Italy                                     

2014            “Inn i det blå Lyset” Arktisk Fantasi for orkester (Musikk-Huset Forlag Oslo Norge)

2014            “SeaScapes” for Guitar solo (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy)

2014            “Rød lyd” for blåseensemble – til grunnlovsjubileet (Musikk-Huset Forlag Oslo Norge

2014            “The Viking Concerto” PianoScore (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy)

2014            “Sonata Dell’Adriatico” five movements for Guitar Solo (Musikk-Huset Forlag Oslo Norge)  

2013            “Tonar frå Fjell” for Orgel solo publisert i Norge (Musikk-Huset Forlag Oslo Norge)

2012            “Romancelle” for Violin & Guitar (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy) 12 sider

2012            “Enigma” Orkesterverk til “The Sunami 2004” (Musikk-Huset Forlag Oslo Norway)

2012            “Trittico” Gitartrio (to TheVivaldiGuitartrio,Torino Italy)(BerbenEdizioniMusicali Ancona Italy)

2012           “Rav og Stev” Gitarverk publisert (Musikk-Huset Forlag Oslo)

2012            “Runes” Gitarverket publisert (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy)

2011            Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson sanger (Musikk-Huset Forlag Oslo Norge)

2011            “Tonescapes” CD new music for Orchestra, Choir & String Orchestra (Playus Music Norge)

2010            3 Fancies for 2 Guitars (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy)

2010            The Viking Concerto (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy)

2009            Sinfonia da Camera for Strykeorkester (Musikk-Huset Forlag Oslo Norge)

2009            Cygnus X-3 for Guitar Solo (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy)

2008            Julehymner for Gitar og Sang [6 nummer] (Musikk-Huset Forlag Oslo Norge)

2008            “When Your Dream Comes True” for Soprano and/or melody instrument and Guitar (adaption from J.S. Bach/ lyrics by G. Krogseth)  (BalkaNota Sofia Bulgaria)

2007            Four Pieces for Flute and Guitar(Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy)

2006            “Con Sentimento” CD Sopran Bodil Arnesen Gitar Gisle Krogseth (Vestnorsk Plateselskap Kleppestø NorgeVNP)

2006            “Sonatina in Three Movements for Guitar Solo” (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy)      

2006            “Partita for Guitar Solo” (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy) 9 sider

2005            “Songs by the Sea” for Soprano and Guitar (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy)

2004            “Elegi” for Clarinet & Strings (Pizzicato Edizione Musicali Udine Italy)

1995            “Eventyret om Virkeligheten” CD published by “Mind the Gap” MTG Drammen Norge

1992             “Barbro-veien mot bålet” MC publisert med støtte fra Norsk Kulturråd (Playus Music Norge)  

1986             “Pleiader” Seven Pieces for Guitar Solo, (Musikkhuset Forlag Oslo Norge)

1982            “Eigne Songar” MC published (Playus Music Norge)

1985 à        All major Works: at Musikkinformasjonssentret (Mic)

1975 à        Published in anthologies: songs and small pieces.



Musikkhuset Forlag A/S – Oslo Norway

Pizzicato Edizione Musicali – Adlisvill Switzerland/ Udine Italy

Berben Edizioni musicali – Ancona Italy

BalkaNota Sofia Bulgaria

Vestnorsk Plateselskap VNP Kleppestø Norge

“Mind the Gap” MTG Drammen Norge

Playus – Music, Sandefjord Norge

Mic – Oslo Norge

M.A.P. Milano Italia

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